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I am finishing up my driving license with about 2-3 lessons per week. Driving is, surprisingly, fun! We go up into the mountains and I get to test the limits of the instructor’s car’s manual transmission (well, not really, but it ends up being this way, as the clutch always seems to emit a strong odor of grinding metal when I am at the helm). The transmission emits said vapors, the instructor emits correspondingly worried responses, and all is well on the Swiss roadways. We’ve just started city-driving, in Basel (a very small “city”). Rush hour, with its bicyclic and tramway-induced confusion, is a great exercise to forget my day-job.

Said day-job has been canned (with six-month resignation period). I will go to Bucharest for several months starting end of July, in order to learn Romanian and to catch up on some projects from which my day job currently consumes all my time. Such as a successor to my first album. Living costs in Buc are fabulously low, so it will be nice to be able to sleep in for a few months in a row in this “mini-retirement”.



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    #1 - Permalink David Payne

    You’re going to be let loose on the roads? The man who put the K in Klutz?

    Tell me which continent you’re going to be driving on and I’ll move to one of the other ones – thanks.

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    #2 - Permalink admin

    I was a klutz a long time ago. I was quite distracted by the deluge of new information associated with living on a new continent. So I didn’t pay attention to mundane things like porcelain or glass.

    Now its a different story. I’m enjoying driving, its a fascinating interface with other people and cultures (I live 9km from France and 4km from Germany). My driving instructor never has to intervene with his pedals anymore. So, don’t worry, buddy!

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