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Taxmoney to Save Car-Makers?

Whew, am I thrilled to pay taxes in a country which won’t be “BAILING OUT” a car-manufacturer
    – because Switzerland has no car-manufacturers of its own.

I feel downright betrayed when I hear that the U.S. government will not permit any of the major three car-manufacturers to go into bankruptcy.  These enterprises should die a good old classic Darwinistic Death, survival of the fittest, cannibalisation of the weakest.  Why should a government already starved for funds pay to keep the car-manufacturers alive? 

How about coughing up the money the car-makers are requesting “in order to stay alive till the end of the year” for public transportation instead? 

If I paid U.S. taxes I’d ask: “Why should my taxdollars pay for companies whose boards of directors aren’t democratically elected?”

Please, dear U.S. congress, write down the amounts the big Detroit three are requesting.  Then, invest that money into Amtrak, informing Amtrak to hire all of the employees being fired “for economic reasons” by the Big three.

It’s just like mama said, “There is no justice in life.”.  Which translates to, “Democracy is a myth.”


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    #1 - Permalink Mirko

    Well, hopefuly we have no car-manufacturers in Switzerland, but we still have to pay for arrogant bankers’ mistakes.

    This whole situation of citizens paying for their deciders made me think of that Yiddish proverb: “If rich people could hire other people to die for them, the poor could make a wonderful living.”

    Which translates to: “There is no justice in life” 😉

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    #2 - Permalink Lennart

    I fully agree with you. And I then think that if the congress, despite the stupidity, decide to put a lot of tax money in the car companies, they should force the companies to develop cars run on anything but oil.

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    #3 - Permalink Steve "Legacy" M.

    I agree. I’m none too happy about it. But I understand where the thought process comes from. On a brighter side, opinion polls across the country indicate that over 60% of the American people DO NOT support a big three bailout…

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    #4 - Permalink David Payne

    Yes, it’s a shame that the U.S., supposedly a bastion of free market principles, won’t allow the forces of supply and demand to act as the customer base and competition base would otherwise dictate.

    You don’t have democracy proper as in ancient Athens, nor its modern equivalent, in Switzerland and California, of referendums.

    As with the UK, you have what I call ‘Feudal Democracy’ where instead of hereditary peers and lords you now have elected peers and lords. It’s marginally better than having an hereditary aristocracy but it still runs on fiefdoms and patronage (lobbying).

    When you get one vote every four years or so to determine what your political future will be and when you vote for a person and not for policies (a word which means administration by the citizens) then you don’t have much of a democracy.

    Not to worry though as fortunately in the U.S. at least, it seems that whatever happens there you still have Freedom. Amen to that.

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